The companion site to Diabetes Life Guide is Diabetic Life Diet. Lifestyle Intervention and Dietary Control of Diabetes is the focus of this website (the Life Guide website where you are now), but in order to give completeness to the coverage of the vast topic of diabetes management through natural dietary control we needed a website entirely devoted to that topic. Thus, the Diabetic Life Diet was born. 

The Diabetic Life Diet website explores in depth the dietary control of diabetes - specifically the dietary control of type 2 diabetes. The Diabetic Life Diet website is up and full of great information of diabetes dietary control through implementation of a healthy and diabetic diet plan.

Diabetes Life Guide will expand on the topics of lifestyle intervention, such as weight loss, exercise and wellness, stress reduction, diabetes and work, etc. Stay tuned! Right now you can...

Visit the expansive Diabetic Life Diet | Dietary Control of Diabetes website to get started right away learning about how to control you diabetes and improve your overall health through diet and basic lifestyle changes.

Visit the Dragon Fruit Pitaya Fruit section to learn about the healthful and nutritious dragon fruit and it's history, healthful properties and use as a diabetic diet aid to help control diabetic blood sugar levels.

Foodlywise will give you information on gourmet fruit, healthy fruit, healthy foods for healthy diet and lifestyle, diabetes related links for diabetic diet and lots more foodly wise food and food nutrition and diet information.

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